Warm so simple ...

Cup of hot water , to warm the back of the hand palm . It turned warm so simple , why chase illusory people do ?

- Inscription

Is really wrong , is holding something that should not hold , while ignoring the things that seize . Warm on the side, but often we forget . Cup of hot water , to warm the back of the hand palm . It turned warm so simple , why chase illusory people do ? End, sad lung injury , wounding hurt yourself .

Someone asked me why I like so much alone, I told her that no one likes solitude , just disappointed it did not like . She then said, I will not let you down. Finally, the last , I was silly and naive to believe.

When a few years time just a hoax . Come out from the past who , why and why are a sad joy . Since it can not change the outcome , He did not forget the start . Without encounter OK , there would be a sad end . So well !

Retention of reality very seriously, and seven people seriously on the line. The remaining one-third for themselves , always ready for their own healing.

If you really care to be difficult to use one-third of yourself, so sad when your own is powerless. Someone asked me how to do this time ? I told him : Since sad powerless , why not smile and laugh too ! Heartless laugh , sad lung injury than good , is not it ?mothers day flowers deliver

Juvenile , the pursuit of eternal things that make you right, such as substances, such as knowledge, but also for example ...... . Tan dream too far away , or seize the sight of the thing, too !

Once upon a time , the pursuit of material life, people were regarded as too realistic ; Once upon a time , the pursuit of knowledge, people were seen as a nerd ; Once upon a time , do not know the feelings of the people were that heartless . But the final conclusion, they are alive and well . The so-called romantic person , clever who understand the feelings of people in front of what will happen in the mortal world ? I saw the reality is , a wounded severely.

Because without him , just because chasing the wrong object. Material life , knowledge, intellect will not betray you, and is permanent, until they die . But man , this emotional animals , no can say forever . If someone in front of you to tell you that she will always accompany your side , forever love you. Then you must not believe it. Because people are the most fickle creatures. But you do not have to give up because of this and your love . Not because of this, rather than to say the perpetual vows . Anyway, we should believe it , because only believe , will have .

Warm so simple , and yet very few people understand. Who knows , a few people can do ? The process requires great perseverance to do , great courage , are you ready ? Can not be an excuse for losers , I'm not a loser.Nutrition

We should point the reality of life , the only way it will not be defeated by reality . Lung injury is a sad feeling something , what shall I heartless .

Childhood , perhaps your worry-free life is good , life is also more than happy now . However, this consideration is happy thick glass . Life is through the thick glass, outward around.

Accept this reality now ! Perhaps you will live better. The reason is very simple, it is only with human bondage , in order to obtain greater freedom . In college , when your time flood when you perplexed , and not free. So, you have a dream , even if distant . Bored, go read a book , listen to music, or go to the movies !

I began to look forward to the PubMed successful day. I think I should be in that place more than happy right now . I also began to grow , and is no longer before that pishi do not know how kids.

This way , I grew a lot and learned a lot . If I do not strong, no one for me brave. When you come , I'm sure you will not go ; when you go to me when you 've never been . Take a glass of hot water , warm palms back , warm so simple , so clear , why in front of you so humble !DIY home